Super Resize  — 
The professional tool to resize images
  • Quickly shrink your images, add thumbnails, and create the code for a web gallery alongside.
  • With an emphasis on image quality. Because you don't want your shrinked images to be blurry and lose detail.
  • Preview everything before you export: File sizes, compression, even thumbnails.
  • Highest quality output. Highest level of control.
    Image resizing done right.
Free to try – Download now and see the difference!
„I built this app because I had to create a web gallery, and after trying all the available resizing apps I was very disappointed with the quality of the resized images. I ended up doing all the resizing and thumbnails in Photoshop. It took me three hours to finish. With Super Resize I can do the same job in two minutes now.”

Wolfgang Ante, developer of SUPER RESIZE.

Highest quality output
Super Resize uses advanced algorithms to keep your images crisp. Gradually blend the result with a sharpened version to show the details even better.
Blazingly fast
Super Resize uses the GPU to render your resized images. This adds extra-speed and finishes large batch exports in shorter time.
Generate thumbnails automatically. Crop them to square if you want to, so that a web gallery looks tidy and neat with all same-sized thumbnails.
Choose color spaces
Fully color-space aware resizing. Convert or keep the color space of your images. You decide!
Preserve EXIF
Keep the EXIF metadata of your source images in your resized images – or not. You choose, not the resizing app.
Generate code
Generate code for a web gallery. Paste it into your source, add free Lightbox code + your own CSS, and you're ready.
Preview everything
Preview your resized images before exporting. Output quality, file sizes, and even thumbnails. Change settings and see the changes apply immediately.

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